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About Me

I'm Batıkan, I was born in 1999 in Istanbul and I welcome you to my about page.

I'm a programmer and I enjoy programming. I enjoy all sorts of ways to observe and manipulate data.

According to me, maybe the best thing about programming is how we are able to see many different levels of abstraction in use. I think it makes computer programs clear and honest, and no matter how complex, never really hard to learn. Computer Science is way different from other 'positive' sciences as we already know 'a' smallest unit with which we could explain all complexities (that is true, at least for the typical binary computers... Who knows what the future may bring) and I don't only enjoy it, but find it rightful. I think programming, as a tool, should become (if it already isn't) an essential tool for everyone to manage data of all types for all sorts of reasons, and I think it should be taught to kids before they ever set their foot on high school, so that they know how to learn and store information better.

My initial wish was to become an academician in the future. But today, more and more companies are providing their employees with more freedom and therefore are not blocking their creativity, so I'm not that sure anymore. I'm open for all sorts of offers.

The rest of this page is filled with trivial information, and it isn't advised for anyone to read.

Aforementioned trivial information had been removed by the author (actually commented out, which still can be read by inspecting element) due to huge amounts of cringe created by them.


I don't like travelling that much, but I've been in the following cities so far:

CityFirst year of visitApprox. time spent
Istanbul - Turkey1999>10 Years
Muğla - Turkey20043 years
Ankara - Turkey??
Bielefeld - Germany20181 Month
Düsseldorf - Germany2018<1 Day
Münster - Germany2018<1 Day
Bremen - Germany2018<1 Day
Dortmund - Germany2018<1 Day
Duisburg - Germany2018<1 Day
Bonn - Germany2018<1 Day
Cologne - Germany2018<2 Days
Hamm - Germany2018<1 Day
Osnabrück - Germany2018<1 Day
Herford - Germany2018<1 Day
Aachen - Germany2018<2 Days
Vaals - Netherlands2018<1 Day
Vaals - Netherlands2018<1 Day
Arnhem - Netherlands2018<1 Day
Plombieres - Belgium2018<1 Day
Denizli - Turkey2019<1 Day

I may go into detail on the blogs page later

If you wish to acquire more info about me, check My CV out!

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