Batıkan Bora ORMANCI

Availability Heuristic and Representativeness Heuristic


    Sometimes you think before making decisions, sometimes you need to decide fast.

    Heuristics are cognitive tools that help us make quick decisions or judgements.

    It would be impractical to deliberate over a countless of choices every day. Heuristics are used as shortcuts to reach decisions.

    E.g. Rather than spending time to think about what to wear on a regular day, you could have a default outfit.

    Availability Heuristic

    If people see examples of a thought or an action more often, they assume that the world has more of that today, while in reality, The count of these examples mostly depends on what kind of content various people on numerous media platforms think should be shown to the public.

    The world is more peaceful today than ever before in human history, with less problems than ever on almost every aspect. Still, because things haven't been made public that oftenly in the past, and some information is exaggerated and altered before being shown to the public to satisfy the wishes of their publishers, people may get manipulated.

    Representativeness Heuristic

    The representativeness heuristic evaluates the similarity of objects and organizes them based on the category prototype. This heuristic is used because it is easy to calculate.

    Created by Batıkan Bora ORMANCI, Ⓒ2020