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Gatsby Tutorial

A tutorial that explains the gatsby static-site-generator superficially. It will be more like a guidance than a tutorial, but this will make it last longer in a world that constantly changes, in which entropy thrives. That was long....

    You may find portions of this post hard to understand if you haven't checked the following:

  1. (SLT1) Standards For Learners and Teachers

1. Check Actual Sources

Go to and check their official starter guide. By the time you're reading this it may have changed a lot, but just see it for yourself and if you like it, just finish it instead of coming back here.

2. Find a reason to learn gatsby

Do not just build the typical application that they tell you to build for starters. Have an idea of your own and focus on realising that while you follow whichever tutorial you may've chosen. If you ever come to a point in which you are still asking questions about how to realize your idea but the tutorial is providing trivial inf# What is the "philosophy" that I mean?

3. Prerequisites

Gatsby is built on React. But the official website says that no Reactjs knowledge is required to start. But that doesn't mean there are no prerequisites at all. I would suggest following start-to-end html-css-js tutorial before learning gatsby.

4. Plugins

Gatsby helps you create a static website that is really fast, but also connected with the rest of the net. With plugins you can source content from numerous places, and interact with several REST API s. Just open the plugins section and search whatever you may expect.

5. Stabilization and Improvements

After your project has reached a sufficient level for deployment, deploy it, then occasionally come back to improve it. It may be useful to do unnecessary changes time to time so that you don't forget about its structure completely.

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