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The logo of this website

This website has a little icon on the left side of the currently highlighted tab of your browser. I tried to make it reasonable.

    I needed a favicon for the website and thought, why not come up with a meaningful one. I've thought about what is important for me and then finally decided on two words that would together form a symbol. I chose respect and induction.

    I thought it would be unoriginal to use conventional ways to depict these two words, so I came up with 2 not-so-original ways to draw a favicon for the website. I drew 1 block, and an arrow that starts from it and goes to the center of two other blocks. The two blocks are next to eachother, but are not bonded or anyhow altered. When analysed individually, any one of them is an equal of the block, from which the arrow stems.

    That is due to computer science being different from other 'positive' sciences. basic structures (here, the smallest unit with simple attributes, integrity and stability of which can be assumed or easily assured with highly accurate probabilities) form relatively more complex structures, but in the end, even when the newly formed structure is being considered as one bigger block, all that happens is the addition of a layer of abstraction to the system.

    Such a thing can not always be realised with e.g. chemistry as the smallest known unit has its own mysteries and no strict assumptions can be met with it.

    The color of the logo is a tone of blue, #2e59ec to be exact. And thats solely because it looks like 'RESPEC'. The missing T also makes it a meme, you know, the one where they have 2 or 3 pictures that have texts that follow the format:

    "he protec, he attac, but most importantly he ???c" (click for example)

    I value respect a lot. I think the most crucial thing for most people to get over is hate, as I've seen it eat people up a lot. As far as I've sighted, people hated what they couldn't understand and they simply wanted that conflict to cease to exist. I think people with enough respect can see through this and realize that no judgement had ever been made without reasoning, and hating or agnostisizing people can't change peoples minds, but can only bring them to further away, radical beliefs.

    So my choice of logo reflects my technical and social opinions about a couple important topics.

    Created by Batıkan Bora ORMANCI, Ⓒ2020